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Kennedy-King College’s Tech Launchpad provides students with access to high-quality academic and training experiences in new and emerging information technology industries to ensure students have a competitive edge to compete in the global arena.

Our Pillars

  • Equity

    Reduce the digital divide and address equity gaps currently reflected in underserved communities as well as the information technology industry

  • Access

    Develop a skilled workforce to meet industry demand by providing relevant and exceptional academic experiences to students

  • Collaboration

    Establish and cultivate meaningful partnerships with industry, academic, and community stakeholders

  • Innovation

    Research emerging information technology industries to develop relevant curricula and training opportunities for students

  • Excellence

    Become a choice provider of information technology academic offerings and training

About Tech Launchpad

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Credit Programs

State-approved credit programs that lead to a recognized certificate and/or degree.

Continuing Education

Continuing education programs that follow an industry partner’s curriculum and leads to specific industry-recognized credentials.

Advisory Council

KKC’s Tech Launchpad Advisory Council includes a diverse group of stakeholders from the IT industry and academia focused on combating the digital divide and underrepresentation of people of color and women in the IT sector.  The Tech Launchpad Advisory Council is charged with providing advisory guidance and support in some the following ways:

  • Providing consultation and guidance on industry trends that ensure program curricula is relevant and reflects industry trends.
  • Offering input on related Launchpad operations including admissions requirements, recruitment opportunities, curriculum development, instructional assessments, and community-based initiatives.
  • Offering input during Tech Launchpad program evaluation exercises.
  • Providing guest lectures and facilitating professional networking opportunities for students enrolled in Tech Launchpad programs.
  • Serving as a liaison to KKC’s Tech Launchpad to provide new partnership opportunities with in-demand technology firms and organizations.
  • Assisting with identifying industry and community-based partners to bring resources to KKC’s Tech Launchpad programs.
  • Offering or sharing work-based learning and employment opportunities to eligible Tech Launchpad students when appropriate and available.

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